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CYouTube video on how Peter Bullock invented a Revolutionary Road Reconstruction Makes Roads Safer for Citizens

YouTube video on how Peter Bullock invents Revolutionary Road Reconstruction which makes Roads Safer for Citizens

Peter Bullock - Base Geotechnical Inc.

Base Geotechnical Inc. Design Engineer Peter Bullock and his team have introduced an innovative approach to road stabilization. Combining design/build project delivery, where the design evolves with and through construction, and recent construction advancements, he turned traditional road reconstruction upside down and coined the technique "top down" construction. This process stabilizes the existing soil and road materials from the road level. With this technique, excavation and road loss is limited, traffic through the work zone is maintained, and the overall construction footprint and construction access needs are reduced. Crews deliver a green product that increases driver safety with reduced road maintenance costs.

Dozens of sites around Vancouver Island were strengthened and enhanced using this technique. Each project was delivered on schedule, at less than half of the anticipated time and cost associated with traditional methods. This highly specialized, technical work has proven to be extremely effective and has been used across Western Canada.